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What is Kodeseal

Kode Seal symbolises a new age war against the age old enemy of Counterfeiting. It would be pertinent to term it as a Smart-War since it is fought not by appointing some special Enforcement Army but by empowering each and every customer with easy to use ‘Tech-Weapons’ to fight effectively and conclusively.

Today every business and consumer is not only suffering financial losses due to Counterfeit/Spurious products & services but also endangering life and limb of their own and their loved ones. The biggest challenge to counter counterfeits is the inability of many popular passive solutions to enable the consumers to identify between the original & the fake.

Kode Seal offers various simple yet fool-proof, solutions and methodologies to end-customers to easily identify original products and stop using counterfeit products or services.
We invite every Consumer, Corporate as well as Government to join us in this journey of ‘Creating a Counterfeit Free World’.